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  1. Thank you
  2. Happy birthday Johana! / PSU X friend ��
  3. Thank you.
  4. wow quarter cent!
    your bday already??
    how time flies.
    well happy birthday!!\
  5. Thanks.
  6. Happy Belated Birthday...
    was late saying it because i was in Vegas.
  7. this is one of my fav's

  8. I don't really like playing on servers where the majority of the players speak a language I don't understand. I used to play quite a bit in random parties, or stay on lobbies just chatting, but in JP PSU that's hard to do, since there's not many english speaking players.

    Also, I got bored of PSU, even though the JP servers have updates, there's still no new areas, no new enemies, no new bosses, it's just not interesting anymore...
  9. how come you don't play PSU anymore? like come to the JP servers? it has updates like every week. becuase i just browse through your threads that i rmember you playing PSU. but then havent played every since they wer shut down... you havent posted in a while too...
  10. You're welcome! have fun! go out! time to party!. whatever!
  11. A bit too early. :3
    It's only tomorrow. But ty anyway. ^_^
  12. Happy Birthday Ezodagrom!
    hope you have a great birthday!
  13. Thank you.
  14. Happy Birthday Ezodagrom! 22 woot!
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