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  1. Well then we can just talk about random stuff on the game in msn. The same thing happened to my old CFW psp. I accidentally dropped it and the screen hit the corner of a shelf and the LCD screen behind it was cracked, big time. It still works and everything except for
    1) the broken screen
    2) and its bricked (due to it being hacked and using jp super nes ROMs)

    Just add me on msn whenever then
  2. I have windows live but i hardly get on but yea i can get on that to talk but im on this about the same as you XD and considering i just broke my psp recently (cracked teh screen messing with it) i have to wait till i can fix it to play anything again
  3. I'm already 19 (feel so old compared to my friends down here. they all be underclassmen XD). I hated how that worked, moving and the transfer of credits. When I moved from MI to TX, I lost like half a credit when I transfered down here. Doesn't matter as I graduated (with 25.5 credits, would be 26 if i was back in MI) anyway. They bumped up the bar here for the next groups of generations. NOW its 26 credits required to graduate from high school down here (it was 24 when I was still in high school here =P suckers).
    You really should get MSN or something. Rather a hassle to come on here and talk to you. I'm on messenger most of the time when I'm on the computer. As opposed to this where I come on every few days.
  4. lol well that would be nice since talking is fun XD im stuck finishing highschool even though ill be 19 this February gotta hate moving so much that your credits get messed up :P
  5. My sister is on now all the time, now that she be back from up state. Might see me more when I get my computer and then move into college dorm.
  6. I have a sis too shes just never on the internet just her phone with her boyfriend XD still havnt gotten around to running the missions i need it sucks but im thinking i might move my ps3 back down to play on adhoc again XD
  7. well that sucks. i know the feeling but i have a sister.
  8. lol fun stuffs but I havnt even been playing psp1 recently bc i hit 100 and got bored of hunting for items and other such things on my own XD and with my craptastic internet being hogged by my brothers most of the time I cant play for more than maybe 1 mission. its so amazing >.>
  9. Well, even on my desk computer with it all set up, I could never stay connected for very long or I didnt show up in the kai lobby. Needless to say...DeinoK and I gave up >_>
  10. I would use xlink kai if i trusted my internet XD even on adhoc my internet is laggy as all hell when my bro or someone else connects to it on either the pc or another ps3 so trusting xlink to that is somewhat difficult XD and so far ive had no problems on adhoc other than lag
    also happeh late bday XD
  11. like I said, I have xlink kai set up on my desk computer but I forgot how because DeinoK helped me to set it up on my desk computer.
    You should try playing mh. IS EPIC. Start from mhf2 or mhfu. I say do mhf if you want a challenge. Or play frontier that is somewhere on the internet or tri for the wii. I am waiting for mhp3 to come out in the states, and if not, then it will be the first mh jp import I get.
    It is such a chore to get to 100 in psp2. Im close, but still a ways to go. I will get the US psp2 to play with teh english folk here.
    Last time I tried doing adhoc party on psp1, it froze on my psp; I was running around on my psp but I was dead on the other two psp's.
  12. Lol nice i dont have and mh game so ive never played them and im still waiting on the english release of psp2 bc im just stubbern like that not to mention i use ad hoc party to play psp1 idk anything about xlink kai XD
  13. I have been playing mhf for like the past month practically. Picking up psp2 now cuz I need to take a break from mhf.
    Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten how to set up the xlink kai and wifi max so I can't do it on my laptop >_>
    And I was going to get an AR from amazon but the two they had were bought out, so now its just a new one up there for 60$
  14. See thats exactly what Im saying I would do because its dammed impossible to find the people with the level needed and gratz on the weps I havnt really touched my PSP for a while got kinda bored after i hit 100 :P
  15. I would BUT ONLY because I don't have pplz with the game to play multimode with. I would go and get a PSP AR (the one thats like the the old ps1 GS. i.e. the good one) from amazon...but i dont have that kind of cash for it xP
    and to finally got those damned lavis weapons -.-
  16. admit that you would too :P all creatures suuuuucks to get
  17. cheater! XD
  18. oh yea i forgot about all creatures bc i was gunna cheat for that title only XD finding 4 ppl on adhoc party lvl 70+ isnt easy to do so i need 5 in total including ps perfect :P
  19. That was the last axe i got that finished up my 80% axe collection. Funny enough, i got that axe whilst doing those 200 runs on flaming horns s.
    Actually...I think the only ones im missing are twin claws, and cards. Im missing monster professor (where multiplayer comes in), moatoob and neudaiz tourist. PS Perfect (duh),
  20. yea definitely I need to hunt myself some stuff and finish up the...3? titles i need still I need my axes crossbows and my.....(thinking)... oh yea lasers to get still then i get my riot of flowers XD
    I will forever curse the bil de axe!
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