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  1. Didn't notice they were two different shades of white until now lol
  2. xD Seriously?! Well, hope you have a happy maintenance night!
  3. It never occurred me to click that link until today
  4. I know what I'm doing for lunch break and its lovely dark and Rainy in my location.
  5. Good morning
  6. *Sticks hand in popcorn from above* Morning Vamps
  7. -lurks in the shadows eating popcorn-
  8. Its kinda gross anyways derp.
  9. Not really a fan of coffee in all honesty lol
  10. O.O Coffee? Great way to start the day.
  11. -counter counter counter stalks-
  12. O.o -Counter counter stalks-
  13. -counter stalks-
  14. Hopefully you're doing fantastic
  15. Lol that's good
  16. I'm pretty :P Wait for it.... Vintastic!
  17. So how are you?
  18. :P Oh now thats just cruel lol just admiring your coolness
  19. Lead me on huh?
  20. Of course I'm your stalker Vampy
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