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  1. Glad to see ya around.
  2. I got the itch again and back on schthack psobb, too bad my full name doesnt fit. Hope all is well with you :3 Faith and valor.
  3. Another year has passed.
  4. good to see ya ;]
    still remember an old hang out place, i suppose
  5. Happy new year!
  6. forum is the same but, it's a different time now.
    don't bother yourself with the trivial things.
  7. time is mandatory, but money is optional.
    only i spent is to get my pc to play more proficiently, but that's also optional if your pc is good enough already.
    anyway, good to see ya around
  8. still alive?
    on pso2 by chance?
  9. No contestates mi correo electronico D:
  10. & 'grassy-azz' mi amigo ;3
  11. Felizades en tu dia especial.
  12. wacko'z new face
  13. I blinked, what did I miss?
  14. Danke
  15. Happy belated birthday good sir.
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