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  1. Eh? Its all relative. The only reason why ppl hate on MH Tri is because they omitted their favorite weapons. But aside from that, its a solid game. Not to mention the swimming is very innovative and brings in new play mechanics. Not for the faint of heart. And no. Im waiting for pso2, I cant seem to find ppl on psp games.
  2. A better MH lol. So given up on PS completely?
  3. Yes, Unite was the best. But I like using an actual tv screen versus and index screen. So I went with the Wii. And free online, what more could I ask for?
  4. I gave up on MH after Freedom Unite since it's the best in the series. Currently playing PSP2i really and a couple fighters atm.
  5. Playing MH Tri on the Wii of late. Character name "Scejn" ... mostly because it wont allow me to use "Scejntjynahl". I think my hr is 84. Not very high I know, but its a fun game none-the-less.
  6. Ah good to hear, hows things been?
  7. psow is currently unblocked at work. So Im abusing the time.
  8. Yoyo how you getting on?
  9. Salutations.
  10. Get back to me.
  11. Onma and Dima the too flying bosses on Neudaiz and Moatoob respectivly.
  12. Two bosses? Only two bosses? Which ones?
  13. LOL, if thats the case, Your going to love me once I switch to MF.
  14. I hardly visit psow as it is, but if I have to suffer seen your face like this I may stay away longer for the sake of sanity D:
  15. I've had this for a while lol. Suprised you aint noticed lol.
  16. Return to the rustbucket face at once. Flesh does not suit you.
  17. hello :3
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