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  1. Nah, I havent got PSZ. It didnt give me the same buzz PSO does.

    There are other ways to connect to the SCHT HACK server than just spsof. I'll link you to it below.

    Its brilliant on the server. And with some messing with your IP settings you can play EpIII C.A.R.D Revolution aswell, if you was a fan of EpIII (I am CLV Offline 24) So we can handle both. Plus we have 4 download quests aswell.

    Let me know what you think when you take a look at the SCHT HACK forum.

    - Nate

    SCTH HACK (SCHTServ forum) - http://www.scht

    EDIT* I had to put spaces in it, together the system ****** it! but when you put it in the address bar, take the space out!
  2. Hey thanks for the feedback. Yeah idk if i want to go threw all that trouble to play on a private server. I've always been a number one fan of Phantasy Star online on Dreamcast and Gamecube lol brings back old memories. I just ordered Phantasy Star Zero hopefully it will bring those memories back! but maybe when i have time ill put some time into joining a private server. If you have PSZ you should give me your info.

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