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  1. MH F2P? Lol nononono it's not going to be F2P. Not much info on PC version right now, but no way it's going to be F2P because there are console versions.

    It's just paid once and that's it. Though PS4 one will require PSN subscription.
  2. might try the pc version if its f2p
  3. Oh and because I've been nagging Vinny to get into Monster Hunter, I might nag you too now lol. Might be able to convince him this time around as he is getting a PS4.

    Monster Hunter World is coming to the PS4 (and PC at a later date).
    Playlist of all of the Weapons in the game.
  4. Cool!
  5. Pretty dam good if I do say myself, or if you noticed Vinny's chat with me last week.

    In other news, I'm back playing PSO2 again as of like I think 3 or 4 weeks ago when Episode 5 launched.
  6. pretty good =3 you?
  7. How things been going this summer?
  8. hi =3
  9. Hi Hi.
  10. thanks =3
  11. yikes i only knew about Aria as a musical solo, and yeah that Vanessa reference really is close to some of the stuff Vin had. wonder if he knew and did that on purpose or it just happened like that
  12. So I was doing some crazy stuffs and learned some really interesting stuffs that we in the RP may have not even noticed that I thought I shared with you and vin. NAMES!!!!

    Ones I found most interesting was Aria and Nessy.

    In Aramic and Hebrew, Aria means "lioness"
    In several other languages, Aria means "a self-contained piece for one voice"

    In Greek, Vanessa means Butterfly, but in it's origin name (Phanessa) it means/is "mystic Goddess of an ancient Greek Brotherhood". <----And this has a huge reference which I find very scary.
  13. Not going to RP until I see improvements in the current group. At this rate there's too much chaos, no one knows how to build their characters, no knows their own characters, and they're all hot-headed (except eagle) who just can't keep it casual and logical.

    I also don't like the fact that Nariyo pointed out forums are dead and old group is terrible even though he's at guilt as well for dissolving tonight's entire event.
  14. ok i'll send one in a PM
  15. Hey Rain, send me a picture of Aria (outfit doesn't matter as long as know what). I have an interesting drawing project that I'm doing/
  16. yeah sorry i haven't had a chance to really respond
  17. Did ya get my PM from yesterday?
  18. The game is okay, better than how simply Onigiri was.

    While I hate the fact that all the quests are written in Chinese dialect (wish it was JP so at least I know something) it is easy to overcome that since they have a highlighted section of the quest that you can simply press and auto walk to it. Quests and there descriptions are in Chinese but there objectives and targets are all in English.

    As a matter of fact, besides the character voices, city names, and Quest names/descriptions, everything is in English.

    But creating your own hotkey can be a bit irritating doing it the new way, thank god you can do it in list style instead.

    Combat and animation are neat.
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