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  1. Sorry for passing out on you last night but I hope my friends were able to help you.
  2. Alright. I should be online soon. Not really have much RP ideas in mind, though I guess one possibility might basically be some training RP for Nariya.
  3. Eh, guess I'll take you up on that offer to meet up tonight in game :3
  4. Wait a minute. I'm pretty sure I gave out the password after I was asked about it. And I wasn't specifically thinking of purposely keeping someone out. I didn't thought I really needed to bring anyone else! This was supposed to basically just be a small finisher like it was supposed to be!

    And if I recall, given that if he wanted to watch, I replied in the party chat what the password was...and I was under the impression that whoever asked me in party chat to let the other person in would then whisper the password to the other what happened?

    Because I really remember I gave out the password when I was asked. And I gave it twice even, since I know I let in someone else into the mission before! So I'm sure I did what I thought I should! I never never never never wanted to do anything bad about it! I didn't say no!
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