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  1. Alright, cool. How have things been for you?
  2. Cool I'll add ya next time i sign in on ma PS3.
  3. Hey, missed the last time you were on. I did get a Vita so PSN is open for me now. My psn id is cloufair5(I blame 14 year old me and weird psp keyboard). Let me know when you do more phantasy star runs.
  4. Alright, if you get back on I'm hosting a room right now. It's slow enough traffic it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Hmm i'll just make an open room then. The name is Versa
  6. My friendcards freaked out when I switched my psn ID. I don't know either.
  7. I'm on right now. You have my card right?
  8. Alright, let me know when you're online.
  9. K Monday sounds good, I wont be able to make it for the rest of the week after that though. Really busy Grrrrrrrrrr
  10. All of monday and Tuesday for sure. Wednesday on is hard to tell at this point. Also a bit later today.
  11. When's the next time you are free?
  12. Me being at work fail : (
  13. Sorry I couldn't get on PSOW yesterday. I made a room though but I guess you couldn't find it. I'm on atm if ya wanna join.
  14. Gonna wait for you to get on here. I only saw hacked rooms the four times I checked today for people.
  15. Yeah, I should be able too. I'll dig out my psp.
  16. Same. Might be able to play Wednesday if that's okay with you.
  17. Sounds fun. I kinda gave up after I got everything on my list... and hitting 200.
  18. Anything & everything. I just sign in to help out friends, I've pretty much got everything I've wanted.
  19. What are you currently running as and hunting?
  20. Will do
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