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  1. Oh, hi. I haven't visited the site in a long while.
  2. HEY! Remember me?
  3. I missed it so.
  4. Hey there! I'm doing fine. What about you? Having fun in Gurhal?
  5. Hellooo, how ya been?
  6. Fantastic, now I just gotta find that translator program I saw a while back...
  7. Yeah, it's free to play.
  8. Huh, is it free to download?
  9. It is only in Japanese right now, but it's easily downloadable from the official site anyway. The only requirement to play is some understanding of Japanese, since, well, I heard that language is pretty common there.

    There's an English patch that translates a lot of the in-game text, though.
  10. Now maybe you can enlighten me as to how everyone is playing it, ain't it only in Japanese at the moment?
  11. Fine, I guess. Playing PSO2 right now.
  12. How are ya?
  13. Hi again!
  14. Hello there.
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