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  1. I've started playing it offline back in 2003 ( or 2002 I forget). I bought it for about 30 bucks so I must have been playing it shortly after the original release. I never played any other phantasy star or phantasy star online games so it was my very first step into the Phantasy star Setting.
    Naturally, when I ended up getting PSo 1/2, I felt as if the cards were missing and ended up favoring Ep3 over both of them combined. I was convinced that humars stored cards in that slot on their buffed left arms, but go figure, eh?

    I didn't get online untill the end, I'd say the very last year since the only holiday I got to see twice was new years.

    Like many others before me, i ended up being corrupted by one of the online hackers, but instead of quitting Ep3 or turning to my action replay, I jumped right back into the game. Some of the online regulars were even kind enough to grant me a few copies of my favorite creatures, Dark and Indi belra. I also changed my hair after the corruption to the red afro hairstyle that I'm known for nowadays. (I used to use a red version of orlands hair before I corrupted). I vowed not to change my hair back until I had found 100% of the cards in the game ( not counting the unobtainable E rank cards). As fate would have it, servers closed with my card list at like 99% or somehing like that, so now my hair is stuck like an afro forever, even now that I'm playing PSU.

    Some people think the hair is cool, some find it distinguishing and the rest find it plain silly, but to me its a constant reminder of unfortunate corruption and glory denied.
  2. When exactly did you start playing EP3?
  3. Heh, good times with ep 3. My only regret is that I couldn't get online sooner.
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