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  1. boot up PSO2 and play with meeee ^_^
  2. darn you pso2 I was enjoying procrastinating the decision on what laptop to buy
  3. We've known for a while that PSO2 was to be released early Summer.
    It's a shame you don't have your new computer yet. :c Get it nao!
  4. PSO2 release date sneaked up on me. I was expecting an August release so my computer isn't ready yet;-;
  5. Well, there's still time left! I hope you will be selected!
    You have to play with me!

    I had to recreate all my characters, because uninstalling the old alpha client deleted the PSO2 folder in My documents. >.<
    Oh well. I was able to remake them quite easily. Probably even made some improvements.

    I don't know if my friend got in. He's barely ever online. I don't even remember talking about it. o.o
  6. no not yet. I just checked after I read the blog.
    If I don't get in I am going to drown my sorrows in playing disgaea 3.

    Also I don't think we will ever be fully satisfied with our characters. Its so nice pso2 gives us that feeling with all of its customization

    Oh btw did your friend get in? (the one you said you told to sign up for the beta when I was asking about jp address stuff)
  7. Did you get in, Maky?
  8. All right. I've made improvements to my characters. It's good we've got this character creation demo well in advance, so I can alter them without having to pay anything.

    Over time, you start noticing flaws and they can really bug you.

    More luscious eyelashes, larger irises, paler skin, different shade of purple for hair and eyes. Seems all good for now, but no doubt I'll start nitpicking later!
    Oh and I gave her the garterbelt rather than thighhighs, but I might revert back. I'm quite undecided.

    Grey eyes instead of black, eyes open a bit wider, changes to the facial structure, nose and lips (not that it's easy to tell with the mask) and added chin thingy (I'm not a big fan of those, but it's just to kind of make the mask appear larger. I just hope I won't have to pay to take that chin thing off should I ever want to expose her face). Also changed her tertiary colour to black instead of white.

    More lush eyelashes, changed facial structure, gave one of the lighter makeup options.

    Changed iris/pupil style, gave one of the kind of light makeup options and gave paler skin.

    Haha, there's me talking about not liking makeup on anime-styled characters and what did I end up doing?
    Well, it's mainly just to make their lips stand out a bit more. Lips aren't really supposed to be the same colour as the rest of the skin.

    With realistic appearances, I go all out. Lylia in Skyrim and other realistic-looking games has purple lips, purple eyeshadow and all that stuff. Selina would have red and Celestia would have blue, too.

    Celestia now has purple eyeshadow, which I don't like, especially since it should be blue if anything. But at least the eyelashes hide it very well. It's just a shame that it'll show when she closes her eyes. Sigh... I might just end up giving her the same option as Selina or taking it off. I'll see how I feel in a day or two.

    I haven't really looked for flaws in the bodies yet either. So I might end up altering them some time.
  9. I'm well aware of the makeup options, dude.
    I'm just not a fan of makeup on anime-styled characters. The light shade of lipstick is all right and I was considering using it, but I didn't in the end. If it was realistic characters, I'd absolutely use lipstick options.

    Good colour co-ordination with Reina.

    D-gold is looking good and gold.
  10. You can add some color to the lips so they don't look the same color as the skin. There is one that has a pinkish look but doesn't look like lipstick.

    my new character


    I didn't really change much from the default face on her.

    A lil update to D-Gold.(made the yellow darker) You can also see that lip color I was talking about
  11. Selina


    PSO2 is so great. In PSU, I was mostly forced to use roughly the same face co-ordinate things, same eyebrows and what not. But now I can use different stuff on each of them!

    Beta at the end of the month! Must go into a coma now!
  12. Thank you. Yeah, I love that ponytail. Usually Platina is supposed to have her hair down and there is a great long hair down option, but that ponytail! Just can't resist it. I really do love those ears, too.

    Faces are very difficult. I think your faces have turned out rather well.
    Maybe I'm just colourblind, but I prefer the darker blue you used in the later pics. If it really is darker. I'm not a fan of pale colours! Excluding white, of course. I like rich colours.
    But you've done a good job!

    I'm so glad PSO2 has beautiful long hair! Japanese developers in general seem to give a damn about their females' hairs! Western Developers are annoying because they do nothing other than short hair options look glued on. Boo!

    Man, I hate this place. I just get completely ignored in any threads. It's so incestuous with all the big posters talking to each other and only speaking to the lower posters when they've been stupid or there's a possibility that they're a female.

    Oh well, thanks for saying nice things to me.
  13. HD looks so nice(drools) Loving the ears and ponytail. I was thinking of using them but I decided to save it for a third character

    I also like how your faces turned out. I am still tweaking both of my characters faces because I am not completely happy with it yet.

    What do you think about my caseal parts colors? I wanted her to have a goldish color no matter what. I think it turned out ok.
  14. Yes indeed. Even though I'd played the alpha, I was still looking forward to this demo.
    Just so I could spend more time trying to make my characters without being rushed.

    Nice to see the Ranewearl outfit and hairstyle as options.
    One great new thing they've done is when you select the kitty ears accessory, they'll match the colour of your hair! That helps a little bit with the loss of an actual beast race.

    Sorry to hear the PSO2 runs so badly on your laptop! I hope you'll get a new computer that'll chew through PSO2 like nothing!
    Not to brag, but I'm completely set. Got a score of 17,522 with max settings at 1920x1080! =D Oh gawd. It's so nice to have an ultra spec PC. I never imagined I'd ever own one!
    Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

    Here are some pictures:

    Lylia remade in PSO2. It's about the best I can do for now. I can't really find a way to make better at the moment. I'm glad she's looking considerably less frog-faced than I had made her in the alpha. I'd kind of prefer a different hairstyle, but I need Lylia to have hair over one eye to cover the scar on said eye.

    There's Platina as she appears in PSO2 at the moment. I'm pretty happy with her. Face masks are kind of cheating, because they always make girls like 10x hawter/cooler, but I did try to craft what's underneath to be the way I wanted. Being the world leading RAcaseal fan/expert, I hope you like her!

    I can't be arsed to do the others right now. I'm too tired.
  15. have you tried out the PSO 2 demo yet?

    I can't wait until I get a new computer. The laptop I am using now crashes when I try to run the demo in HD. SD works alright though.
  16. All da females! How can you not like Tao? She's so hilarious!
    She's always feeling boobs and going boing boing! Any female character will be instantly liked by me for doing that!

    I pretty much only played as Makoto, Noel and Taokaka in that order! Other than when I was going through the story mode with others.
    I could never be a serious competitor in a fighting game. I just can't see the frames!
    I entirely lack the necessary skill.
  17. Before I got Blazblue for my vita I had only played Blazblue Calamity trigger for the psp. I am not very good at fighting games either competitive play wise yet. I mostly just play for fun offline using characters I like and trying to get better at them.

    Also we like pretty much the same characters (except I don't like or hate Tao)

    A few years ago though when I played calamity trigger I liked playing as litchi ,racheal, and noel
  18. Makoto, Taokaka, Noel, λ-11 and μ-12, I suppose. I never really got into Blazblue because I'm crap at fighting games. I only played Continuum Shift 2 on the PSP for a few hours!
  19. Yeah ,but I kind of forgot about it until I just happened to look at her wiki page.

    Btw which Blazblue characters do you like?
  20. Ah yes. I read that a few days ago! You must be happy to have a birthday in such close proximity!

    I hope you got lots of money!
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