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  1. Stupid glitchy downloads :/ Hopefully this is resolved soon. They're probably finding some way to patch the problem, which could be a while before they reopen registration. That's what I'd do at least, or try to if it's possible.
  2. Well, actually they didn't. There was only one installer that was able to be downloaded, and it's glitched. You hit Start, and it has to debug. >_>;;;;;;;;; (CRUSHED ME HARD.) D: - I was all excited lol.
  3. Oh, they enabled registration?
  4. XD He's not actually fat Could be just the way he's laying, but yeah, he's a great cat
  5. I should be on BB tonight! ;D
  6. Probably because you thought you were done with them, but they came back The urge to play past games is too powerful to resist!
  7. Oh, awesome! (: - I sold all my old pokemon games years ago. ;_; WHY!?
  8. No but I can get them, since I have Sapphire/Emerald. Just catch them, transfer to Pal Pal Park, re-catch, then fight/catch Regigigas.
  9. You need all the Regi, to get Regigigas though. Do you have the three?
  10. Cool. I want a Darkrai so bad, as well... Hell, I want all those XD 5 I can get on my own easily enough, just need to buy another DS system. Darkrai, Shaymin... Wait make that 6 now that I got SoulSilver, so Darkrai AND Shaymin are the only two I can't get... yet. Hopefully they'll be released for a Soul Silver event, and that they'll re-release TRU Arceus at somepoint, or just Arceus at all for that matter.
  11. xD - I'm kind of anxious to come back. :P - Today I got Darkrai, Shaymin, Regice, Registeel, Regirock, Regigigas, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, and Deoxys. (: All Legitimate from an old friend. ;D
  12. That's odd... I'm sure it'll be back up soon though. There's actually someone completely new to the series and site waiting to get BB for (ALMOST types server name). Glad I caught that He/she's on another server at the moment, waiting to come over to (blank).

    So, is the anticipation killing you yet? :P It's like waiting for a new game, and now you know how I felt while waiting for Monster Hunter Tri.... probably. Depends on how bad you can't wait XD
  13. xD! - Well, I guess my RAmar will be at 150 by then. :P - I can't wait to start playing and work on him! It's exciting! - I need to scrounge together 50 PDs for the demons special on my S-Rank Mechs though. :/ I guess I'll sell some stuff. x.x

    And registration was supposed to be back up yesterday, and it's late Wednesday and it's not ready for download... Still! :////////////
  14. To be honst, you could probably reach like 150 with a new character before then XD I'm less-than-casual when it comes to playing Pokemon for some reason. I just can't get in the mood and stay in the mood for very long. I do play it daily though, and get like two or three Pokemon to level mark I want per day, so that's not too bad, because at least it's progress. On a good day I can get 5+, and on a rolling day I can manage 10+... I could really use a rolling day XD
  15. xD - Hopefully I'll be on PsoBB Soon, to kill the time waiting for you to level your Pokemon. x)
  16. Heh, prepare to be a while. Trust me. I'm not in a Pokemon mood now, more in a GCPSO mood. My FOnewearl's on her way to Very Hard, just need enough HP to survive Falz.
  17. D: - I already have my team of 50's... xD. - Oh well, I'll go mess around for now I guess. (:
  18. Still training. Remember I'm training all of my Pokemon every 5 levels before I fight the next Gym. LV35 before Gym fight 5, 40 for 6, 45 for 7, and 50 for all 8. It'll be a while before our next Pokemon battle.
  19. Awesome. (: - Are your pokemon ready to battle soon? Or are you still training?
  20. Cool. I got me a shiny ponyta which I nick'd AzureFlame
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