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  1. happy birthday Stefan !
  2. I have a GTX650 on my computer at work, I think it's a pretty decent gfx card. For standard gaming, a GTX650 or GTX660 should be good enough.
  3. Karen which GTX650 do you recommend ?
  4. Thanks a lot Ryan! :] nice you remembered me *-*
  5. Happy 22nd Birthday Stefan!

    Hope you have a Great Birthday!
  6. Thanks I also think Karen looks good like this. Tried some different hair and stuff and this now makes me think of a slightly older version of Karen. I guess that works well for me
  7. i really like your Karren Erra really looks like her
  8. Thanks for the picture lol looks great hehe
  9. Here's the picture Miray took:
  10. Thanks a lot Ryno :3
  11. Happy Birthday Phasion Friend Hope all is well!

  12. I don't know But it was kinda long time
  13. lol. how long was i away?
  14. no, just keep it, it's a present from me enjoy it =) I dun need it anyways
  15. what????????........ why?

    i though you wanted it back? lol
    i do want it. but i can get it some how. lol
    what do you want? i have to gice you something in return. lol
  16. You can keep it, it's a gift
  17. when do you want that pink outfit back?... lol
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