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  1. Sounds good, check this out...tell me what you think...
  2. PSO2 doesn't need so much hardware resources, it runs fine on my Intel i5-3470 with 8 GB RAM and a GeForce GTX650 I have at work. My system at home is an i7-3770K with 16 GB RAM and GTX670. But also with the weaker system PSO2 runs smoothly on max settings.
    So I guess i5 and GTX650 at least is good.
  3. Cool Bro! If I was sick I would be right next to the computer lol! That's like the only time I can really play. What kind of processor and graphics card do you think i'll need when i pick my computer in a few days to run PSO2?
  4. I'm usually playing PSO2 daily but I've been sick since a bit and stood offline. But I guess I'll be back soon
  5. Well I hope you're doing better! Thanks for accepting my friend request as well. Things are good, just getting ready to graduate in October. Have you been playing PSO at all?
  6. Heyas Things are going ok, been a bit sick for the past couple days. How about you?
    Also accepted your friend request
  7. Hello! How are you doing?
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