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  1. Ohh nice, ya that sucks that you're on SHIP2.
    But I guess once New Genesis comes out that may not matter. We'll have to keep in touch and see how that works out!
    If you want to add me in PSO2 you can add me. My Player ID Name is "Trippi" and my Player ID # is "10088326".

    I think you can still do some stuff between ships.
  2. Aw jeeze I totally missed this message somehow! I did start playing PSO2, heavily, but I'm on Ship 2. :/ Drat.

    I haven't heard from SSDDR in many years, sadly. If you hear from him lemme know!

    I am doing well! Both in game and out. I moved from the US to Denmark around 8ish years ago. Rn I have lots and lots of time to play due to various reasons so I have been doing that a lot
  3. OH MY GOD.
    Haha, ya I'm playing off and on. I'm on SHIP 1. I touched base with SSDDR awhile ago also but it was before PSO2 came to NA.
    I wonder if he is playing? I should check with him and see if he ever replies here.

    I hope you're doing well though, definitely let me know if you return that would be crazy.
  4. Hiya! It's been ages! Thank you for the kind message. I am thinking about maybe trying the new game, and it would be amazing to reconnect if you are still playing.
  5. Hey! It's Rilyania from way back (GC PSO).
    Hope all is well! Was just back here because of PSO2 release on XB1.
    Discord: Trippi#0845
  6. Whoa! Long time guys - I remember back in the day playing the crap out of GC PSO with you and SSDDR.. good times! Got bored and been playing my old save on Dolphin for fun =P
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