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  1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hey there, long time no talk! How are things going?
  2. I'm still playing the game on a casual level. It has been hard to get a good team going on the PC servers lately. It'll be nice to see you around again.
  3. Hey there!! Haven't talked to you in a good while. How ya been? Same old stuff going on here, but with Shred the Darkness being announced I may just make a temporary comeback for this event.
  4. I LIVE!!!!!!! How have you been old pal of mine? I saw the info on the new JP PSU patch.....tempts me to go to JP PSU, but sadly PSU is all but dead to me have been looking thru old pics tho.....good times..... And sadly this new patch would take forever to come to US......
  5. Ah nice, you're still holding strong eh. After Neudaiz GBR(more like 2 days into it) I just couldn't bring myself to play it anymore, so I finally hung the towel on PSU. I've moved onto Warhammer Online now, tho taking a small break from that at the moment since all this PSŲ has gotten me, wanting to play PSO again, which I am XD.
  6. Yeah, I'm still around playing PSU.
  7. Hey there, been awhile. How've you been? Still playing PSU?
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