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  1. That's a shame! We should pray gameu sometime! I have Skype and Discord if you use either of those.
  2. :3! Yeah, periodically. I don't have a lot of people I still regularly play with
  3. =3 you still play pso2?
  4. my aim and msn are screwy as hell >_<. On aim don't even bother trying to IM me on there T_T LONG story. and my msn can't add people. add my msn and I'll accept the add (I have to do it this way with everyone *kicks msn*

    *puts cat on lap* :3
  5. *scratches under your chin* Good cat boi! ^_^ *hands catnip toy*
  6. came across your page while going through Dj's friends XD you seemed cool so I wanted to drop a message. Also i'm obsessed with cats @[email protected] *pets cat boi* XD
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