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  1. Hmm, you could be right.
  2. I thnk the site stops letting everyone know it's someones birthday if someone has not logged in a few years (not sure how long) I know it did not post the birthdays of a friend who I share a birthday with at the bottom of the forum page. and I think more of the new users are not sharing Birthday and or making it public.
  3. I miss the days when this site used to post birthday reminders so we could keep track of everybody.
  4. To be fair I kept missing your Birthday for about 6 years in a row. Glad you appreciate it !
  5. Thank you. I had no idea anyone was keeping track of that stuff anymore. Kudos to you.
  6. Arks Defender, Freeze enjoy your Birthday!
  7. You're very welcome, Freeze.
  8. Thank you very much.
  9. Freeze! Happy Birthday!!!
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