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  1. cool glad you have what you need im leveling up my timburr well conkeldurr now i just breed him today two egg moves 5 iv right nature and now almost level 50 im going to breed my moxie pinsir next
  2. No, that's fine. I just bred my 31/0/31/31/31/31 Espurr yesterday. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hey do you have the espurr youu want because i can get you a 5 iv espurr no problem just let me know!
  4. Didn't realize Game Chat was on until half way through the trade, haha. Sorry!

    Enjoy the Espurr.
  5. IGN: Rolo

    XD and im sure we can i'll catch you at some point! we could still set up a specefic trade for that espurr that way the GTS is a possibility!
  6. My Friend Code is 1161-0283-3260. If we can't be online at the same time we could always trade over the GTS as well. Could I get your in-game name as well?
  7. Yes im online now id love an espurr i can get one 5 iv in the perfect places in an afternoon i have a 6 iv ditto id like one!

    Edit: FC 1392-5192-2768 give me yours too!
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