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  1. I see you're still a ghost man. Hope things are going well for you, been awhile since we last talked/traded insults with one another. lol
  2. Gurarara........ How're things going? Still playing PSO2?
  3. Good, things have been great. Keeping up with PSO2 and keeping in touch with Rizen and the gang. Sadly I won't be able to join anytime soon until I can afford to get a new PC. Still gaming on my PS3 when I have the time between work and spending time with my wife and son.
  4. Hello DarkShadowX. How has life been treating you?
  5. SHAZAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Still alive......
  6. Thanks, hope things are going good for you.
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. -poke- >.>..... <.<...... Rizen lives!!!! (Goes back to hiding, find me in hotmail)
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Hi DarkShadowX. I didn't have a chance to post that news. The site was experiencing server problems the day that deal was posted.

    I've been doing well. How are you holding up?
  11. Hey, long time no talk, how've things been? Been pretty busy here with work and PS3 myself lol. Oh, I saw tomorrow that SEGA is having a sale on digital downloads on the PlayStation Network, games like Sonic Adventure, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and PSP2 (for $15.99), maybe you can post up as news, heres the link:
  12. Today was a really bad day for me to play. Perhaps we can catch up sometime during the week.
  13. Yea, my work schedule is picking up as well, but I usually have every other day off. If you're off tomorrow(and if I can still get online :P) I'll be on most of tomorrow. I'll try to see about maybe doing a challenge guide, probably try it after I beat challenge, or have some free time when I'm really not doing anything on PSP2.
  14. Due to a busy work schedule, I haven't finish Story Mode yet. I hear the boss in the last chapter is difficult though. My first real rare from this game was a Goof Swatter. I really miss the old "Large Harisen Battle Fan" name for that weapon.

    In terms of guides, I could use a good walkthrough for Story Mode and the various Challenge Mode stages.

    I should try looking you up sometime for those Challenge Mode stages.

    Like you said about PSO2, I'm waiting for further details before making any judgments.
  15. Also keeping a close eye on PSO2, when they announced it I was just hit with all the nostalgia from PSO. I'm cautiously optimistic about it, but until I hear more about the game and see some gameplay videos and screens who knows. I also hope they announce a PS3 version with joint servers, simply cause at the moment I can't afford to upgrade my PC anytime soon.
  16. I had a Challenge party going but only myself and 1 other stayed for the most part, we kept having others joining and leaving so we we're pretty much stuck doing Stage 1 most of the time.

    As far as rare hunting, I haven't done much actually. I've gotten a few here and there. Gotten most if not all of em from the Trade missions, like my Bringer Rifle and Rappy Madoog, but dropwise I think the rarest things I've gotten so far are Magadoog, Twin Booma Claw, and Ruby Bullet.
  17. I haven't had any luck yet getting a Challenge party together. However, I think it'd be really fun!

    Has rare collecting been going well for you?
  18. Yea, I just finished normal Story earlier today. I think it was pretty decent, a far better story than PSU was, tho it probably could've used some polish. I was disappointed with lack of being recognized as a former GUARDIAN but meh.

    I want to try challenge mode, but seeing as how I can't get online(well I can atm but I doubt that'll last long) and from the few parties I've seen, hardly anyone does it. Tho I did managed to get at least Stage 1 and 2 done, tho only got Stage 1 under 10 mins so I got my shiny Green Ring as proof.
  19. Have you finished the game? What did you think of it?
  20. Just let me know what you need help with. I have the game now, you just won't see me online since I don't have it through any 'official' means, tho I plan to within the next few weeks or so. Currently on Ch 9. or 10 atm, can't remember lol.
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