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  1. It BURNS!
  2. I'll try not too~
  3. Don't die on me now!
  4. ;_; That was scary~
  5. ohnoes! *performs CPR*
  6. *Dies*
  7. Okay I'll have a small bite!
  8. Never know, until you try after all~
  9. I fear I will get diabetes if I do!
  10. Wanna bite~
  11. Totori is Sweet Candy♪
  12. Working money to spend on PSO2!
  13. Lucky, just stay safe and working~
  14. I have a window seat and can see people's reflections if they approach me!
  15. Muhahaha, just make to don't get caught~ xD
  16. Good, just being sneaky at work and going through the forums!
  17. Hehe, pretty good! How about you?
  18. Hi!
    How's things going over there?
  19. Sure thing, what's your in game name?
  20. Cool! I'm in a UTC +13 time zone but feel free to add me on PSO2!
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