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  1. Sent you a Solaris emofuri!
    Boing boing!
  2. Glorious oppai!!
  3. I changed the angle in my sig pic now you can see more boob!
  4. Cause I love him!

    To be serious, just want to ask him a few questions.
  5. May I know why? lol
  6. Hi, do you know how I can get a hold of Hirano offline? I haven't seen him in-game much/at all since DDoS
  7. You're only missing out on Arufuraira boobs.
  8. I should have learned to hack people after all. :v
  9. My hard drive
  10. Source pic of sig!? :E
  11. VIND!!!
  12. You'd think so, right? lol Nothing of the sorts happened though. Nowadays he's much more reserved so it's not like he creates any problems. If anything he's one of the only active people and I saw no other person I could give the lead to anyway. xD
  13. You made Kinaya the team master? Mass quit afterwards? :P
  14. lol Wow, it's been a while! How have you been? Are you still playing!? I haven't heard from you ever since you decided to join another team for your gf or something. Arkestra is currently somewhat of a ghost town and Kinaya is leader since he is one of the only faithful members. I kinda quit for the moment and there are no signs of Arika coming back either. He does plan on coming back though. The member count is around 40 but at least half of those are quite inactive lol... and the rest kinda consists of lone wolves I suppose. I don't think things will get livelier again unless something happens or unless Arika and/or I come back and that doesn't garantuee anything either.

    It's not completely dead but it's not alive either.
  15. Hey, what happened to Arkestra?
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