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  1. Thank you. :3
    There's just one thing I'm not completely happy about her, the skin tone ended paler than I expected. Even though I'm getting used to it, it kinda doesn't look right with most clothes I have. x-x

    Next update...even though I have plenty of meseta, I'm kinda worried it may not be enough, new lobby actions, swimsuits, and possibly PSO2 music discs (in the datamined list of icons, there's a icon of a PSO2 music disc, so it's possible that next update they could add PSO2 music for the room)... X3
  2. Luppi :O Great job on her remake, I liked her design in PSU and you translated it well.

    Gah, some of the comments in the Phashion thread still make me dislike it, but I'm glad we'll always have positive contributors like yourself there. I'm sure I'll add something when the new swimsuits come out.
  3. Yeah, it was fun hanging out, and for both PSU and PSO2, in the end the community is the main reason I play these for so long.

    Today I managed to get the pictures I wanted, I will post them later today. :3
    Thankfully the fashion and screenshots topics have been more calm lately, they're the topics that I like the most in the forums, so it's sad when there's drama in them. x-x;
  4. Yeah, goals definitely help I think I accomplished most of mine, save for things that were pretty well out of my control anyway (full-RNG made it hard to feel like I earned anything). Maybe my goal shoulda been "own all the outfits" XD Yeah, I woulda loved to play together with you more but at least we got to hang out a good bit :3 We had some fun times, and one thing I definitely do miss is the community in-game.

    Yeah, hated trying to get weather pics, and then the opposite happened when I just wanted sunny pictures by the lake XD Good luck! Like you, having a presence in the fashion thread was always a goal of mine too, but I guess the attitudes of some users of that thread turned me off to it a bit. But people like you always make that thread worth seeing, so keep it up :3
  5. Yeah, some of sega decisions are...well...terrible... Though so far their mismanagement hasn't been enough to make me not want to play.
    There's alot of things I want to do in PSO2, I have a bunch of goals, so I still have alot of stuff to keep me interested. xd
    It's a pitty that we didn't really got to play together (other than the parallel area), but oh well.

    Also, thank you for the compliments, been trying to get some pictures for the fashion topic lately under certain weather effects, but...the RNG hasn't been kind to me when it comes to that... (I really wish the PSO2 weather transition is improved in the future)... :<
  6. Sounds good I loved the lil group I was in, and we did consider merging ourselves with a larger group but we kinda collectively disliked the same things about PSO2 (namely Sega's decisions and management) so we called it quits all together. I keep an eye on fashion though, and if I see something really nice I'll probably log back on for screenshots X3 I think Cocona would look good in Ursula's outfit, but I haven't seen much else I like thus far. Looking forward to more summer-y fashion.

    I keep up with your screenshots among a couple of others, love your style and Joh is cuteness :3 Hope life's treating you well too.
  7. Since I've joined Celestial, PSO2 has been more enjoyable to me, it's nice not being in an almost empty team anymore and making alot of new friends.
  8. How's PSO2 treating you? I miss outfits and random lobby shenanigans...but my retirement has been pretty easy otherwise.
  9. Thank you. X3
  10. D: Nuuuu, I missed your birthday! Happy late one <3
  11. Happy birthday :3
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