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  1. thanks. hope to see you on open beta
  2. O:

    Happy birthday to you Chives!
  3. I went to set up my PS3 controller and couldn't even find the usb cord for it. That's how little I've used my PS3 lol. But if I can get it to work wirelessly it'll save me having to buy a wireless receiver for the Xbox controller (microsoft always charge twice the normal price for everything). And a usb keyboard is cool, especially if you plan to play PSO2 off your TV. I remember playing PSO back in the Dreamcast days sitting there with my control pad and keyboard with wires draped over me like sphagetti.

    Still haven't been able to find Uncharted for anything lower than $40, which is the typical price of platinum games here. For a 4 and a half year old game you kinda expect to find it cheaper. Might as well buy the double pack at that price since its about the same. But I've got MGS4 sitting there waiting to be played so Uncharted will have to wait.
  4. Hey Rein. Remember when I told you I was playing with my PS3 controller but had to use cord because I couldn't pair it with my bluetooth receiver? Forget it! I managed to pair it to the bluetooth receiver yesterday! I tried it for a bit after; works perfect! Now I don't have to buy a PC controller x3

    Only need a wireless keyboard and a better graphics cards. I can get a much better one for quite cheap. My Radeon HD 4650 is getting old. Gonna get them this saturday!
  5. Oh! Hey Rein. It was nice playing with you too. Can't wait for Open Beta!
  6. Hey this is Rein. It was nice playing with you on closed beta. Hope to see you again on the next one.
  7. Sorry D: ! I can't be here 24 hours a day to greet everyone :3

    Welcome to the PSOWorld, Chives!
  8. Awww how come I didn't get a welcome? lol
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