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  1. I will! I just have personal things to deal with in the mean time. Once I have time I want to pop on!
  2. I need more familiar faces in my PSO2!! Come back soon!
  3. Hey! I have been around but I haven't had a chance to go on PSO2 since the Closed Beta I'm still planning to play it though!
  4. FEBS! Where you been!
  5. Hey, I haven't had a chance to really get on tonight. I Probably will tomorrow but it will be really late, so Monday would probably be the best... if you see me just running around in lobbies or idling, send me your card also.
  6. If you see me afk, send me your card!
  7. Agreed, I'lll be busy the next two days for the most part but I may be free later tonight.
  8. We need to meet up!!!
  9. I saw you yesterday but you disappeared pretty quickly! I think you were heading in to a mission. I saw you say something then couldn't find you!
  10. FEBS! I havent seen you ingame at all!
  11. I finally got the url to work! For some reason, the thumbnail never worked, so I have to snip the URL out! Shes cute.
  12. Can't see it!
  13. i posted my character in the the screen shot thread :3
  14. OMG! FEB! I thought I lost contact with you forever! I'm so glad you are back! Are you going to be playing PSO2?
  15. Hi! I'm okayish haha. I come by here every so often but this is the first time I've logged in for a really long time.
  16. Yea! I am back! You better be okay...or else! Add me on MSN [email protected].
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