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  1. Hello
  2. Just saying hello. And to check if you are still active lol
  3. lol. i see. yeah. the only time i post is in off topic once a month . to keep my post alive. that i started since 2011. haha. if a new phantasy star comes out i'll start really playing again. I still have my account on PSO2 but i haven't logged on there for a few months. been busy in school trying to get my BA degree in college in digital media graphic design then transfer get a graphics job lol . what about you what have you been up to?
  4. Hi-a, I'm alive lol but my interest in current phantasy star not so much, not even in "playing pso-world"...
  5. Lol you still alive
  6. lol. just notice your comment... haah. wish it could notify me if somone replies back on their own profile.
    but anyways. yeah you always wear the same clothes everytime. ive never seen you change at all. haha! do you still play PSU?
  7. Wow. Was Bored. Browsing through old PSU Pics and happen to come to this one. lol.
    brings back memories.

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