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  1. Things are good
  2. Thanks for the birthday greetings man ! Hope all is well.
  3. Happy Birthday, Ryno! I like the order of your priorities I need to get fitness on the board anyway this is about YOU enjoy your day. ARKS Defender Ryno, stay safe!
  4. You're certainly welcome, Ryno.
  5. Thanks man for the greetings
  6. Happy Birthday ARKS Defender, Ryno!!! Have a blessed day, Sir!
  7. Aha!' Thank you man!! Now I'm getting old too dirty thirty!
  8. Happy Birthday Ryno!!!! I finally returned a birthday to you it only took me a several years
  9. Enjoy the Happiness headed your way, Happy Birthday Ryno!
  10. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes, Ryno!
  11. Happy Birthday D! Hope you have a great bday!
  12. Thank you for the friend request, Ryno (I gladly accept!)
  13. Happy Birthday D! Hope you have a great bday!
  14. You're Welcome!
  15. Thanks, Ryno!!!
  16. Happy birthday DaMan!
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