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  1. yes. i'll probably be getting it ive been playing JP servers once every now and then been hiatis on it. playing other games. lol. im like level 55 on there.
  2. It's been 4 years. How is everything. Insaw the Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally coming to the west so I figured out my info to come back here
  3. 6-01-2015 almost a year since you haven't been on
  4. early picks are nice maybe next year they will make the playoffs. be like the chiefs this year
  5. yeah i didnt post from the last one. becuase jags didnt make the cut into the play offs... boo... well at least they have 3rd round draft pick for next year.
  6. guess not
  7. no number 1 pick for the jags?
  8. yea still the same I think your still on my friends list on there anyway lol.
  9. What's up! Man! How have you been?
    That's cool. Still have the same gamer tag?
    I won't be getting one until next year though. Maybe when halo comes.
  10. I have an xbox one.
  11. yeah i was shocked to hear that! i dont get to watch football anymore its always on when im at work
  12. so i guess your chiefs beat the saints after all.. haha
  13. no i dont play it ill probably play it once it is released here

    are you playing PSO2 JP?
  15. Hey! i have been doing pretty well. been working for about 9 months now. i havent played PSU in quite some time. and have lost contact with everyone that i used to play with. been playing World of warcraft for awhile now and i been playing alot of MvC 3
  16. what's up? how are you? its been a while. hope you are doing good.
    Still Play PSU? i miss all the originals.
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