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  1. I didn't see it, thanks!
  2. Happy Birthday Phasion friend!
  3. I know you got my instagram birthday Greet. to make it official Happy belated on PSO-W.
  4. Nice! I had it in bigger res and the font but it's ok since now it's all lost in a bluray.
  5. NVM. i found it

  6. Why I'm asking because we need to have us still recognize as well! since we been here for so long
  7. I may have it and in the same time I have it not. If I have it, it's contained in a bluray disc I made as a backup when my laptop was operative. The problem is that I now don't have a bluray drive to see the content of that disc.
  8. you still have that phasion is our pasion logo? i dleted mine off my computer. thought i saved it in other files but i didnt.
  9. Was it hard for you to install it?
  10. If you say so I'm going to trust you on this since you seem like the smart one with graphics
  11. Nvidia Geforce 700 and above (760, 780, 790.....), older models with "Ti" on the name (GTX660Ti, for example) and what seems to be the newest, Geforce Titan.

    What other people do is to join two gfx cards in a way I don't know to improve performance drastically (this way you can use high quality Ambient Occlusion and actually be able to play).
  12. Oh really? Like what? That's what Karen recommended me as well. But what's greater than that? Because I'm playing pso 2 With the one it came with. On high def. but it's slow and laggy
  13. Mine is a Geforce GTX 650. It's not bad but right now there are better models, much better models.
  14. What graphics card do you play with to play on pso 2?
  15. Tradition

    Happy Birthday RyudoPhassion Friend!

  16. Fortunately my computer can now show maximum settings and resolution. Plus I use a way to enhance pso2 graphics adding the ambient occlusion effect. Plus my usual photoshopping. If I ever find you I'll take a photo of your char.
  17. Naoshi was part of the Phashion pso2 group when I played back on august.
  18. Welcome much Ryudo. I know right. becuase we're mostly posting in the group. majority.
  19. Thanks! As you can see, there hasn't been much activity in my profile page lately xDDD
  20. Happy Birthday RyudoPhassion Friend!

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