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  1. Logged on and didn’t message me?!? ��
  2. D: *tried to hid jealousy* noooo.. But now I wanna b on the JP servers. D:
    She's TOO CUTE!
  3. Where on JP servers? becuase if you're on JP Servers this is how i look like.

  4. I stopped by your room the other day.. it's just so gosh darn pink. Didn't realize your had another ryno
  5. Awe... thanks
  6. Happy Birthday

    I hope you have a great birthday!

  7. Hey you!! How's my Mister Pink! xD
  8. >_< Yeah, I know!!
  9. last activity 6/1/09
  10. nothing much. I havent played PSU in over a week. last thursday I went out, Friday I went out, Satudar Went out Sunday went out Monday went out, Tuesday Work day busy Day and Today my niece is home baby sit.
    if you see somone play halo 3 thats my brother.
  11. Yo Ryno! How it go! ^_~
  12. Hey have you ever tried one of those fashion shows on PSU? We should set one up and be the judges It would be fun..
  13. there are reasons why im in college that long. it's personal though. ( disabilities )
  14. 7rh year ion college??? WHY! I went for 4 years.. I am glad it's over!
  15. that's Great you recieved 3rd keep up the good work. n_n
    I didn't even play PSU today. I only looked on my computer to see whos only and logged off. lol
    I was busy doing college homework. summer term.. woot!
    my 7th year in college. lol
  16. I competed in a PSU fashion show today.. and got third (I guess?) guess what color I decided to wear!

    Nope! Blue! XD
  17. I believe it.. theres no shame to wearing pink.. I <3 it too!
  18. Hey I even wear pink in person.

    "Tough Guys wear PINK"

  19. You make pink look good
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