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  1. Owell, the new lobby design makes it up a little.
    Would be nice to have a custom avatar but looks like Ryna is AWOL?
    For now I can only put shiny new pics in my profile page!
  2. yeah it was a flawed design choice to spread all the mission out... but some of those lobbies were just so nice to hang out in with people <333 foran water fall
  3. I miss the lobbies, even though the lobby system was flawed design!

    Arks lobby gets boring...
  4. there was frozen scrreeenshot contest back in the psu days, and it was one of the prizes :3

    i really miss psu xD
  5. Hey, how did you get a custom avatar?
    Was it from one of those old events I can't even remember what they are things?
    The Arika days.
  6. Cool, hope you get back on soon!
  7. aw I hope they don't :3
    I haven't played in a few months myself. Should probalby get back into it for episode 3 :3
  8. I'm happy as long as Sega doesn't take PSO2 away from me!
  9. xD welllll I hope you're doing okay at least :3
  10. If he's unwell he can't possibly be okay!
  11. Hello there :O
  12. Hi Princess
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