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  1. I updated the links below5char
    The emofuri took over a month cause it was his first ever attempt at making one...
    Price is a secret.
  2. Nah. I just assumed that some of that was your own work, lol(?). How much did it cost you and how long did it take?

    Also, are you on Ship 2? I've never seen a big bewb dark skinned character with purple hair running around any of the blocks. Hmm, maybe I need look harder.
  3. No, we're you looking for an artist again? 5char
  4. Ah, looks good.

    Btw, I forgot to ask; is this some of your work? 5char o3o
  5. Cause it's been completed! 5char
  6. Why?

  7. Hentai!
  8. 11/10.. would use as motivation (and I don't mean nasty thoughts).

    Hmm, I'm actually kinda jelly right now. D:
  9. File was deleted!
  10. Imgur limit is 10mb (I think), so that's not an option unless you're willing to shrink it down a bit. But, it'll be much easier uploading it there. or... What you CAN do is send it to me through email.

    Your choice, Lina-chan. o3o
  11. What's a good place to upload it to?
  12. You think I'm going to deny you? Send me the goods. o3o
  13. Time limited information!
    Hmmm, I have the WIP but it's 11mb big...
  14. Why are you.... Boing? D:

    What did you do to that awesomeness!? give it back! D:<

    Don't worry, though, I already have the data I need. Baaka o3o

    Btw, assuming that's also your character on your homepage.... I might need to see those twins in real time. o3o
  15. M-me too...
  16. Oh yes, Lina, I'm well aware. It's pretty obvious he wants Sako to notice him. o3o
  17. Actually, he was stalking you...

    Beware of the Big Bad Olaf.
  18. Boing!
  19. Wow. I don't know why but.. for some reason I thought it was someone else. Like, a character from the main story or something. ._.

    Still a nice picture, though. Who's the artist?
  20. My Character from PSO2.
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