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  1. +^_^+
    I'm at work when you sent that+^_^+
  2. +^_^+
  3. +^_^+

  4. Brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack?
  5. +^_^+
  6. *plays black flag* Yar me matey!! I am indubitably a PIRATE!! +^_^+
  7. You are a pirate?!
  8. any chance i get, particularly fond of rum+^_^+
  9. Hey Chikky, do you get drunk often? +^_^+
  10. usually between midnight and 4 am CST+^_^+ if i wanna play games at all that day+^_^+
  11. When do you get online?
  12. Ok I friends you!
  13. well.... uh... but you'll be a Newearl hooker bot+^_^+ newearl hooker bots are allowed+^_^+
  14. But what if I am a hookerbot?
  15. well, Skype is in my profile thingy feel free to friend me, but leave a massage saying who you are or you'll be ignored like all the hooker bots that try to friend me+^_^+ i also been using Raidcall recently and Ventrillo in the past (Newearls Luv PP had a vent server for a bit)
  16. Hey Chikky!
    Do you use skype or line?
  17. Work, School, no one to play with mostly+^_^+ i can only play lone wolf for so long, I'll come back when the PSO urge comes back+^_^+ i still have 1700 AC on my account after all!
  18. Why you no play anymore?! +^_^+
  19. Work +>_<+
  20. Gears, was in a live stream for a bit+^_^+
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