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  1. All is right in the world!
  2. *triggered*
    I havent done the quest yet, but i want to, curse work !
  3. Its slow, like i said but its a great watch to just chill out i guess.
  4. I actually didn't like Yuru Yuri (like I said I only watched an episode and a half) but I heard Hidamari Sketch it's pretty good so I'll probably end up checking it out eventually anyway.
  5. "I've only seen one episode of Yuru Yuri and none of Hidamari Sketch.
    The only thing I know about it is that the same person who designed the characters in it did the character designs in Madoka.

    Giga's only experience with it is when I said "WIIIIIIIIIIIDE FAAAAAAAACE!" and posted one of these in a skype chat."
    To not spam that thread up: If you liked Yuru you might like Hidamari. Its just Alotttttttttttttt slower paced. But im p excited over all this nonsense.
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