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  1. Yeah, I hope so man.
    Have you quit PSU?
  2. It had to be done... im sure we will see eachother on other games
  3. Well after my 3 years on PSU it coming to an end...
    Your an awesome guy and hope to play with you in another game.


  4. yeah thats what i thought... but nooooooooooo sega can't think too hard. Actually the game will probably die in a year or so, maybe thats why they didn't spend money on a ps3 version. I just hope that once PSU dies they actually come up with a way more enjoyable and awesome PS game.
  5. hmm if only they could use the Ps3 hardrive...
  6. Well theres going to be huge update coming up on japan. This updates brings new clothes weapons, new missions, and a lot of nerfing, now 360 and PC gets the update because they have harddrives but for ps2 it will only get the nerfing. everything else either you cant play it or it looks like old items. so i said f**k this i have a ps3 i can play something else lol.
  7. what do you mean? PS2 players cant play anymore?
  8. i quit PSU because of SEGA's let's shaft PS2 players idea. O.O;
  9. Dude where are you???
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