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  1. my psu ideas?? wb tell me what u think?
    hi my name is small i have been playing psu since it came out in the uk...well me and my friend have some ideas to make um psu well um i dont know....a better inprove it a bit more i wasnt sure who to send my ideas to so i just thought i might send them to name is small and my friends name is harmony we both play psu and we are both girls ok here are some of our ideas
    1. bring back the photon chairs
    2. intaract with people more like you could actually hug them that would be cool
    3. more clothes
    4. more intaractive room items like a sofa or a piano or a organ or something me and some friends recomended bed actions like you could really have kids if you wanted to or you could have a family or a pet to look after. i would love to carry a littlle evil pet chao around with me in the lobby one of my friends wanted a shato following them...
    6. make the charecters room more like a house and actually have a bed you can sleep on and a wardrobe for clothes.... it would also be cool if you coulf ride and airboard around the lobby your own customised one....oh and also seen in the make over shop lumilass you should be able to change you chars name you should be able to change everything about it ...and still keep the lvl and the skills,
    7. one of my friends recommended your partner machines should be able to step on buttons on missions..some people dont like playing in parties sometimes....well thats only some of my ideas...get back to me if you want to know more of question can saga over hear conversations on psu? just wondering beacause me and my friend were talking about a big huge giant rappy boss before rappy gugg came see ya later please consider my ideas...
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