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  1. Back. Twas a great vacation.

    I will just ask you in game.
  2. Wot?

  3. Baka.
  4. >Confirmed Perv.

    You should be expecting that for 99.99% of the PSO2 playerbase.
  5. So you were checking out my lewd? Confirmed Perv. D:

    Yup, that's me. If I'm not running tacos in B27 (like I am right now) I'm in VH all day leveling my new character.
  6. Arkestra person with the two katana characters? Ya, I looked at the final scoreboard, and saw your player ID. Looked really familiar, but couldn't really remember. Then I look here and go "... oh"
  7. Lol, then why didn't you say hi? o3o

    Was it VH? if so, then it probably was me leveling my FoTeFi for Bouncer.
  8. Yo, I think I saw you in last night's TD3! The one at midnight EST.
  9. Nope. I just reply to people who visit my user page.

    Curiosity killed the cat, y'know? o3o
  10. Hiii... uh, have we met?
  11. Hi ReverseSeraf. o3o
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