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  1. thanks~
  2. Happy birthday bruh!
  3. I almost didn't recognize it was you. But then I remembered your DA lol.
  4. Well, I may have some changes to the request for one of the team mates. Just don't work on Dino quite yet.
    Feel better dude. Being sick sucks ass.
  5. I must become a man...

    Before 2015,

    and yeah haven't touched anything worth updating yet. <_>
  6. The flu and RETAIL in the holidays? Do you hate yourself or what?
    Also, sucks to hear you're sick. Have some tea
    Did you get my message from earlier perchance?
  7. I'm got the flu <_>

    But seriously, never get a retail job a month before the "holiday season"
  8. Yo, how's it hanging?
  9. Sorry it took me longer than I thought to respond to your message. Took a while to get a response from the team.
  10. Man, I wish I waited a bit before asking for the commission. I'm really digging the new Braver outfits. Oh well, maybe when I request anoher one in the future (because I will at some point :3)
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