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  1. x3

  2. Re: Elena Alph Lyla pic

  3. Thanks No worries~
  4. Hiya, I'm a few days late, but... happy birthday.
  5. That sounds fun :3 Sometimes you gotta make your own fun in games like this. Nedra sure has a lot of characters o_o Certainly better than getting caught up in some of the elitist crap I see going around, which is kinda ridiculous in PSO2, but eh. I'll have to log back in at some point to get more screenshots for my next fanfic :O

    Ack, sucks about the store. I'm sure more opportunities will come along though.
  6. Mhm, the most fun I've been having with PSO2 lately has been helping Nedra with a new character, we haven't been rushing to get levels, just doing whatever COs we can before advancing to the next area. :3
    I've been using a low level class to help out, and been restricting myself to using only gunslashes (I never really use gunslashes, so figured it would be fun to play with them for a while).

    About the job, thank you, though heard today that the store may not be in a good situation lately... x_x;

    And thank you for the compliments, about screenshots. :3

    Johana hugs back~
  7. Yeah, I've somewhat kept an eye on new stuff coming to PSO2 and haven't been impressed by anything. I've noticed most people tend to just go back to grinding TAs after a bit anyway, which sounds pretty boring. Eh, it was fun for a while at least. I've been having fun getting caught up on PS3 games :3

    Good luck with getting the job! And I'll look forward to screens sometime, you've always had a great knack for getting good poses in the perfect lighting, plus you always use outfits that work with your characters. You're one of the few people I still keep an eye on in the screenshot threads

    Cocohugs! :3
  8. PSO2 has been a bit boring lately, too much of the new stuff has been focused on EQs. x-x
    Though it's been 2 years, I was bound to get bored sometime. Still, I'm really eager to try out the new class on Episode 3, plus people are finding stuff about a possible ultimate mode through datamining, enemies and areas having different IDs than current ones.

    Life has been okay, there's a chance I may finally get a job this August, in something that I like (a computer store), though they told me it all depends if the month of July will go well for them. @[email protected]

    Joh pictures... I've been wanting to take some, but I also wanted to check out the story area, the Oracle mothership, to see if it was a good place to take pictures... though, I only want to unlock the latest Matterboard with Joh once it's translated.
  9. Hope PSO2 and life is still treating you well. I miss Joh screens
  10. Thank you. :3
  11. Happy birthday Joh :3
  12. Thanks I think I was a few days late for yours, so it's no big deal :P Hope you're doin well.
  13. Hiya.
    Gah...I'm a day late...
    Happy late birthday and hope you had a great day.
  14. ...holy crap, wow. That's a surprise. I'll have to jump on those then o_o
  15. :3
    The orange one is currently going for 115k, it's quite cheap.
    Even the black one is going for only 315k, I thought that one would be more expensive than that (which is the most expensive bikini+shorts colour). o:
  16. Must...hug...bikini/shorts Joh... DX

    How much is the orange one running for? Looks great on her and I'd like to see it in Cocona.
  17. Ooh, that'll match Cocona's orange bikini :O Do want. Orange is generally cheap, so here's hoping~
  18. As I play more with her, I'm getting more used to her skin tone. Already have a couple outfits that look nice for her (not counting the default dewman one).

    About the swimsuit with shorts (probably the one I want the most from the new ones), there's no purple, but there's orange with white patterns. :3
  19. Heh, I remember making Cocona in CBT and being astonished at how much paler she was in-game compared to in the lighting of the character creator She was pretty much glowing in Naberius forest, it was funny. Still, in the pics you posted of Luppi, I don't think it looks bad.

    I'm hoping that one not-as-modest swimsuit kinda drives down the prices of the one with shorts just because it'll probably be the more sought-after one, but they'll all probably be expensive at least until that first weekend. I'm likely gonna wait at least till then. Hoping they come in orange or purple :O
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