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  1. Fuc u nigga lmao
  2. Sup loser!
  4. Who da FUCK is you, you ain't world star hiphop day 23 upload 39,487 I know where u got dat line from, frontin' ass nigguh goin' everywhere wearin' purple lookin' like CAPTAIN CRUNCH n shit lolz
  5. Dis nigga look like a sucka
    a stupid mothafucka right? He the type to wonder why his son and his best friend look so much alike. There's two types of niggas in life, the niggas that run, and the niggas that FIGHT
  6. Taye Diggs.
  7. This avatar + title

  8. Yo I thought that was you lmao
  10. Dis DICK NIGGA!!!!!!!! XD HAHAAAAA!!
  11. Do u got dis digg?
  12. nigga what you say to me
  13. ...
    Came here to say YAAAAAAAASSSZ and see a giant spider instead nopenopenah
  14. No, just the first time Ive seen a pig in person and it made me think of swine flu cuz ugly as fuck
  15. someone didn't get dat right~ D8
  16. Literally Swine Flu mah dude, literally.
  17. Lol Outbreak Company

    Btw Florida sucks.

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