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  1. Yo inspire done lol.
    Just waiting to 6s units, however took forever to get her mag to 175 tho I got ra/br/hu/gu to 70 before it hit 175
  2. FO is uber boring anyway lol

    Inspire is your RA right? Did you unlock all drinks yet? lolol
  3. I haven't touched kyouka or akira since forever ive been focusing on inspire to make up for lamo tbh im probably going to drop fo as well
  4. I need to know something, ok?

    Have you un-rappy'd Kyouka yet????
  5. Well yeah i didnt play on a craptop so taco was a bit more enjoyable but i only had a desktop for 2 months ;_;
  6. lol really. I remember seeing you taco everyday on your 4(?) characters when you were still on desktop.
  7. I never taco'ed anyways so it doesnt effect me much, now that its weekly i may actually do them but who knows.
  8. wow, what do you think of the taco nerf? rip dressup money....
  9. Teaching Code is so much work its crazy. Imma ta with syhon still and solo when i get my pc up and running lol should be a week from now but i dunno every time i plan something comes and fucks me over so yeah and RIP everyone and omg Rip Tower.
  10. Wow, Code accepted you? I'm jealous! Teach them how to dress up plz.

    Also, who are you going to TA with? I heard Syhon quit lol.

    Pretty much all of the best EN players are dead.
  11. Yeah I play mainly for waifu simulator right now. Everyone is so rip I left Ignition and joined Code (NOT JOKING). Once I finish my pc though i will be trying to ta again I'm only missing a Graphics Card but its like 500 so imma buy it this week or next
  12. I'm still blocked. Not going to bother trying to play lol.

    Anyway, I heard there's hardly any good players left for TA. So, RIP the reason why I still played this garbage game.

    Do you still play, though?
  13. wow best EN BR! did i die or something? or you get unbanned? ;_;
  14. Probably a week or two more I duno I'm working now tho so rip play time
  15. I miss you. ;_;
  16. Can you get me better net then .43 DL and .08 Up K thnx
  17. Hey.

    Can you like.

    Stop 630'ing.

    k thx
  18. Hi excube
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