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  1. Lets you rename 'em huh? Good thing you mentioned that, I had a question about that kind of stuck in my head. lol

    I'll upload my file for ya and send it though. Thank you.
  2. The program does not allow you to convert the region, it will allow you to rename your characters amongst other things. If you want a link to that I can send it.

    I can convert your save for you but I am not to sure when I will get it done, send it over and let me know which region you want it and i will convert it ASAP.
  3. Sorry if this is bothering, but I was reading around the forums, and heard that you converted saves to different regions?

    In your conversion thread though, I saw that you also have a program that does it too. Or, is that still a work in progress? Anyways, just wanted to know because any help would be appreciated, and I heard that you were the person to go to.
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