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  1. Understood that you're simply popping in, and then back out.

    Even so, it's heartening to know that you DID get to see the message!

    Trying not to be redundant here, but all those years of insight you freely shared on the message-board, really did make an important impact on me (and probably everybody).

    So the small attempt to verbally convey my gratitude doesn't come close to the magnitude of thanks that should be showered upon every veteran poster who had stuff of true value to say!!

    Thank you again and may things in life be proceeding happily for you, ABDUR101.
  2. Sending a reply to you; and thanking you for your kind words on my profile. I only came back because a friend had mentioned their profile and I wanted to check it out.
  3. Chose to leave this little note, despite the unlikeliness of it getting seen.

    But it felt important enough to just mention how much I appreciated all the anecdotes & pieces of real-world wisdom you shared here at PSO-W.

    I'm sure that I wasn't the only person who benefited from the things you wrote on these forums.

    Thank you very much for the years we were all gifted with your experiential insights.

    Truly & sincerely!
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