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  1. Been awhile since you were last on, I hope that you're doing well, Ryoten and you have Super Happy Birthday my friend!!!
  2. Things are pretty good, keeping busy with the NGS 2nd Anniversary Event and working (slowly) on getting Slayer to lvl 60 for the emote.
  3. Hey man, it's all good and thanks! How ya been as of late?
  4. Ryoten I missed your birthday yet again, and you're a friend in the same month as me. I may be late but I still wish you had a great birthday whether or not I remember.
  5. Doing ok, PSO and .hack (1st series) kept me from playing either for awhile, cause I could not decide which to play. now I just switch between the games every week slow progress is better than no progress as for life finally got a car after losing my car in December in a accident, paying for a car rental will make you broke quick but that's behind me now. Thanks for asking Ryoten!
  6. Thanks bro! How ya doing in the world of PSO and life?
  7. Happy Birthday, awesomeness to you, Ryoten!
  8. Duh! of course! since I see myself in your friends list anyway Happy Birthday Friend 2 for the price of 1!
  9. Happy Birthday Ryoten heeey I recognize you!
  10. Thanks bro!
  11. May many rares and meseta lie in the wake of your weapon, Ryoten! Happy Birthday dude!
  12. No prob man. Kinda forgot that PSO-World had something like this lol.
  13. Thanks for the Friendship
  14. lol Thanks man!
  15. Super happy Awesome birthday time!
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