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  1. It's all good strikerhunter you're still around to see it

  2. Took a month lol which is one less than last year's, but thanks and keep up the tradition my man.
  3. Happy Birthday, strikerhunter! no matter when you notice it.
  4. LOL well I keep trying to, but not as many people have their birthdays show up anymore, but notes such as yours makes it worthwhile
  5. Keep up it with the tradition mah man because lol it might as well be a tradition with me noticing another bday message 2 months late XD
  6. Happy Birthday Strikerhunter!!! the day is yours claim it! (Yeah, I know it's almost over...)
  7. Np, better late than never
  8. Super late in the traditional response because I haven't been on the site in awhile, but thank you. Bless you for keeping the tradition strong.

    So lol because super late response, happy holidays and have a good New Years.
  9. Happy Birthday, Strikehunter, enjoy your day!
  10. Thanks again, keep the tradition going bro.
  11. Happy Birthday, Hunter, strikerhunter!! not sure what exactly happened last year, but have a really awesome one this year!
  12. Spoke too soon........
  13. Glad to contribute to the happiness!!
  14. Thx for making a great day having a great ending for a good night sleep for a good tomorrow ._./
  15. Happy Birthday, strikerhunter!!!
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