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  1. Lol np,I kind of figured it was that.Man first me then you wtf XP
  2. My internet died tonight lol. I'll be back on this week if it comes on again, not sure whats causing it atm. Probably see you on thurs or wed night if it works by then.
  3. Nets were down on my island so yeah that's why I didn't log on sorry XP
  4. Steam went into maint (does it every week) so I got booted from chat. Forgot to tell you that I might be a bit late getting on tomorrow, got someone coming to look at the car so idk if that'll affect things. Will be on but maybe a bit late.
  5. Ah well that sucks Fyi we didn't even beat him,people left and time ran out XP
  6. Ran a filecheck and it downloaded another 14 files so I guess the updater wasn't working correctly when it first downloaded the patch. I'll try new Falz whenever it's on next and see if it made a difference. I'll cya tomorrow
  7. Net went out so I had to restart my modem/router XP
  8. I'll be on a little later than normal tonight, might be an hour or two later than usual.
  9. Shit D: Hope it works out ok,no internet fucking sucks
  10. Won't be on for a while. Cant get any internet connection now (using phone atm). Getting a new router but might take a few days and no guarantee it'll work after that.

    Edit: Managed to get internet connection back but it isn't really stable at the moment. Probably not worth trying to play until Tuesday.
  11. No worries, still not feeling great anyway so it's probably for the best.
  12. Friend called at the last minute asking me if I wanted to do a job for the day so ya,I won't be on tomorrow,can play on wednesday.
  13. Yeah my connection crapped out lol
  14. Looks like you had some connection problems? I waited around for a bit but it's getting late so I'll just see ya tomorrow instead.
  15. Ogod nuuuuuuuuuu D: Hope you can fix it soon,it'll be lonely without you on D:
  16. PC is screwed, HDD is even worse than last time now. Not sure when ill be back on again
  17. Oh no D: Hope it's not the HDD dead though,need you on here.
  18. Hey, figured id let you know but I dont think ill be on for a while; i think my hard drive has died. Posting from my phone atm. Im trying to fix now but if im not on thats why
  19. Not sure what happened with Xfire tonight, looks like most of us got kicked at the same time. Bit late here now so I'll probably see ya tomorrow night. :P
  20. Yeah it's Xfire crashing PSO 2 lol.Well whatever.
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