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  1. That sounds like a lot to deal with! The games and reading are more fun/optional things though, right? I hope you're able to get it all done. Good luck!
  2. Sorry. Was that a bit too negative?
  3. It's no trouble, though. I'm doing pretty well! Just enjoying my weekend, watching some videos and working on my fanfic. I got most of my chores out of the way already. Just a bit of cleaning left to do. Other than that, I can relax until Monday. How about you?
  4. How are you? sorry for the trouble on two fronts.
  5. Well hello to you too!
  6. Ahem. Hello.
  7. There have been plenty of plot points. Relationships, deaths, villains, you name it. It's a story about my PSO2 characters and their adventures, so a lot has happened in 4.5 years of writing!
  8. Sorry i mean plot points lol.

    Yes, i do enjoy reading/writing stories.
  9. Thanks for saying so! Do you like reading and/or writing stories?

    Hmm, tipping points? One of the chapters in my last story was called "Tipping Point," so yeah, I would say so!
  10. That's great! Excellent Work right there (Enough to get me excited.) have you been able to come up with any tipping points so far?
  11. Well, I've been at it for four and a half years so far. Finished two stories and just started a third, so I'd say it's going pretty well!
  12. Ah. So how is it going so far?
  13. In the Fan Works section? Yeah, I've been at it for a long time now. I think I'm addicted at this point. xD
  14. That's definitely a crap load of stories.
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