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  1. I've never been a big horror fan. Probably because I'm not good with scary/gory stuff. xD Although I *do* make the occasional exception. I've played a few Resident Evil games and I love The Walking Dead, for example.

    My Fourth of July was okay but nothing really special. I had a BBQ lunch at work and a BBQ dinner at my parents' house. The work lunch was on a different day, though. Since then? Well, I've been crazy busy at work and trying to stay cool in the heat. I'm having a hard time sleeping thanks to this warm, muggy weather we've been having. >.> Also, the video card on my computer died and I had to buy and install a new one. That was quite an "adventure." Other than that, I've been watching a few movies at the theater. I saw Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, and tomorrow I'm watching Dunkirk. Do you go to the theater often?

    Ugh, summer is definitely my least favorite time of year. The weather is the reason, in case you're wondering. It's just months and months of hot, sunny days in a row... ~.~
  2. Nah, just some random horror movies here and there on Netflix and such :]

    Oh, I wanted to ask you something but I forgot ' I guess I had a lot of stuff to ask you overtime..I just never came back to ask lol.

    Did you have a good 4th of July? And did anything new happen since your last message? I really need to come back here more often xD
  3. Not many goals, no. I'm not much of a long-term planner. I tend to focus on the short term most of the time. I could tell you what I'm doing for the next couple weeks, but beyond that, I don't really know. xD

    Movies/TV shows? Hmm... I haven't been to the theater much lately. The last two movies I saw were Logan and Wonder Woman. Both were good, but Logan was probably better. I watched a bunch of stuff on Netflix. "Kubo and the Two Strings" and "The Secret Life of Pets" were both entertaining animated films. I enjoyed "Iron Fist" and "Master of None season 2." Sherlock season 4 was okay but not as good as the first three IMO. As far as actual TV goes, the only thing I'm following at the moment is "Fear the Walking Dead season 3."

    What about you? Seen anything good lately?
  4. Oh really? Did you have a lot of goals planned for the year or just a few? xD I'm still working on mine but I don't think they're really goals I can "finish". I need to go camping too..I miss it ;-; I'm not really going to be doing anything too special, I'm just gonna be watching anime, working on my channels, and working out more often! Have you watched any good movies/shows lately?

    P.S. It's fine! I wasn't really on for a few weeks anyways..I need to check this place more often '
  5. Not really, no. I've already done everything I had planned for this year. I mean, I'm sure I'll do *something*, like maybe a camping trip or a weekend away with friends, but I don't have anything specific planned. What about you?

    P.S. Sorry for the late reply.
  6. Anything fun planned for the summer months? :]
  7. Yep! Same job, same everything. Life's been very stable for me over the past year, which has been a good thing. Work was crazy busy a couple months ago but things have calmed down lately. Aside from getting sick last month, I can't really complain.
  8. I barely have time for XIV as well but if I have the choice between a few games I love or playing a lot of them I'll go with the first choice of course! I think because I play competitive and the newer game always adds more (and you can take all your old mons with you) I like the current games the most! But Pokemon and FFXIV get all the playtime these days. So are you still working the same job and everything since we last talked? :0
  9. I don't have a PlayStation Portable so I wasn't able to play it, sadly. I liked the PSU story as well. Hard to say whether it's my favorite or not, but I have the most fond memories of playing during that era. Competitive Pokemon battles? I like Pokemon but I haven't played most of the newer ones. Which generation is your favorite? I haven't played a FF game since FFX and X-2. The newer ones strayed a bit from my taste. I hear XIV is pretty good but I don't have time to play another MMO right now. I haven't been playing too many games lately. I still log into PSO2 now and then, but mainly just to buy new outfits for my characters.
  10. It's pretty fun. I actually prefer the Universe storyline over the others, so it's nice that it continues that story. I just do private security, it was a easy job to get with my military background and such so I went for it! I do competitive Pokemon battles. I actually really got into that scene when I went into the army and never looked back. That's what I play a lot of besides FFXIV now. If you ever want to check out the channel just ask. :] What games have you been playing lately?
  11. I haven't played PSP2 before. What kind of work are you doing these days? And what are you doing on YouTube? Let's Plays? If so, what kind of games do you play?
  12. It's fine! I understand people are busy and things happen :P And that's good that things have finally settled down a bit for you. I actually haven't played PSO2 any but I was playing a lot of PSP2 before I left this site. And I got PSP2 Infinity for $13 and even if I can't play online I still thought it would be fun to play one of my favorite games again! Which made me think of this site and some of my friends here. Currently I'm out of the army now and I'm doing a little bit of work before I go back to school to finish later this year. And I do YouTube and soon to do Twitch on the side as well. So nothing too interesting lol
  13. Hiya! Sorry it took me a week to get back to you, I've been away for a bit. Mmm, I'm doing pretty well. Work isn't as crazy as it was before (still busy though), spending time with family and friends, recovering from being sick. I haven't played PSO2 in a long time. I still log in for support partner COs and to check out the latest costumes, though! What about you? How have you been?
  14. Long time no talk! How've you been?
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