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  1. sorry on last Friday there was a thunderstorm that blew my wifi out may be back later today but I don't know yet
  2. Hey Zain. I haven't seen you in a while.
  3. hey you should join phantasy star revival 2
  4. sorry got to go do some laundry man be back later
  5. Yeah just do it.
  6. so do i just delete your old friend code put that
  7. Hey my FC has change. Here is my FC 2366 1800 9737
  8. okay cool i let you know
  9. Hey. I can connect to wifi now. So let me know if you want to play.
  10. okay just wondering man
  11. I still play pso but it just that my wifi isn't connecting. I will message you when it is fix.
  12. do you still play man haven't seen you in a while
  13. hey we haven't played for a while now so when ever want let me know or do certain times that you will be on please let me know
  14. error code: 91010
    is caused by issues with your friend roster (did you added someone new)
    What to do:
    1- Check your friend roster for any duplicate friend codes. Delete any duplicate and test it again
    2- Remove the newest friend codes and try again
    ( before deleting anything write their code down just in case)
    delete one at a time and try again
  15. sorry man my connection is messing up and after i fix it (i think) my sister needed my help
  16. okay i be there after i get done
  17. OK. I'll be waiting for you in wifi.
  18. yeah i am going to play today let me finish what i got to do today okay
  19. Hey! Let me know if your still playing PSO today.
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